October 15 Update

Smarter Search (click here to go there)
The Weather Search page has been updated to include more WeatherPages sites and more domains. Instead of just searching this site, you can search through a huge database of other weather sites. Since the search engine's database only includes weather sites, your search results are guaranteed to be relevant.

Better Browse (click here to go there)
The Browse function was virtually non-existant until now. Instead of looking through a giant list of cities, you can now browse through the weather pages by region. Just go to the main page at www.WeatherPages.com and you can start browsing from there. Just click on your region on the US map. Or you can always click on 'Browse' on the top of almost every page.

New Weather Pages See them: Detroit, SF Bay Area
With the addition of the new Detroit weather page, WeatherPages.com now covers all of the 10 largest metro areas in the U.S. It is the first to use the new v4.50 weather page style. The SF Bay Area page was also updated to the new style.

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